Technological breakthrough

As part of the Scorpion program led by the French Directorate General of Armaments (DGA), Agilink manufactures the cables and cords that equip three new types of armored vehicles.

Making cables and cords, the key is agility

Agilink’s teams are the only ones in their profession who can make both cables and cords. This is how we can offer tailor-made solutions to our customers, even for small volumes. The contribution to the Scorpion program demonstrates the benefits of this agility.

Scorpion is a program led by the DGA, which works to modernize and replenish the French armed forces’ combat capabilities. A variety of component manufacturers take part in this, notably on armored vehicles. Agilink has become a strategic supplier for these manufacturers. How ? By overhauling how the cables and cords are manufactured.

Offering preassembled cables

For the Scorpion program, Agilink makes cords in a Y shape.

Previously, to make this type of bundle, component manufacturers and their subcontractors identified the wires that left each end and placed the sheaths by hand. We, on the other hand, offered to assemble the cables in the factory. Our teams also incorporated the patented and innovative Mil-OScreen® technology into the bundle.

The benefits for the customer are clear: a lower cost price and highly reliable equipment. This last point is all the more critical since these military vehicles use high-frequency signals, and the wiring architecture must be irreproachable in order to send data correctly. By offering a technological breakthrough, we responded to the requirements. 

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