Agilink is a French group producing cables and cords for customers all over the world and offering connection solutions for many different markets.

Today, our customers are firms in the telecommunications, transportation, defense, industrial, healthcare and aerospace sectors. Agilink’s historical customers have been in certain telecommunications, transportation, defense and industrial markets, and it is now reinforcing its presence in the healthcare and space sectors, offering innovative solutions for specific issues faced by customers.

Meanwhile in its historical segments, Agilink is constantly renewing its activities.

For example, in telecommunications, thanks to substantial investments planned in 2022, Agilink is positioning itself as a significant player in the fiber-optic cable market, especially connection cables for private users (FFTH) or companies (FFTO), both in France and abroad.

Likewise, in the transportation sector, Agilink’s aim is to become a key player in the new energy transition and new mobilities markets, especially the market for electric professional vehicles.

As for the defense industry, Agilink is strengthening its position on all the markets for the renewal of land-based equipment, with the massive use of the innovative, high-performance, patented Mil-OScreen® technology.

Finally, Agilink also has its sights set on other areas of industry, with plans to strengthen its business in rail and nuclear infrastructure thanks to its unique, flexible technical positioning.